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Our app is your dedicated companion for sourcing the highest-value book deals, ensuring you never miss out on a must-read title at a bargain price.

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No problem. Subscribe to popular lists like the Wall Street Journal Best Books, Goodreads Choice Awards, and many more. With Kindle Best Deal Hunter, you will always stay updated with the latest discounts on your favorite reads.

We provide various

recommendations and
price drop alert,

you'll never miss a chance to save on your next great read


1. Book Deal Alerts

Get real-time notifications about the best Kindle deals so you never miss a bargain. Customize your alerts based on categories, authors, or specific book lists.

2. Popular List Subscriptions

Subscribe to updates from popular book lists like the Wall Street Journal Best Books, Goodreads Choice Awards, and more. You'll be the first to know when a book on your list is available at a discounted rate.

3. User-Friendly Interface

Navigate our app with ease. Its clean, intuitive design makes finding and purchasing your next book a seamless experience.

4. Wishlist Feature

Add books to your Wishlist and receive notifications when they go on sale.

With ReadAlert, you can satisfy your love for reading without overspending. Download today and start saving on the best Kindle books!

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How Our App Works?

It's simple. Download "ReadAlert" app and follow these four steps.

1. Search a Book

Find Kindle books with the best deals by our recommendation or search manually in our search feature!

2. Add to Wishlist

Add the books to the wishlist. You will get any price drop notification by default!

3. Set Price Drop Notification

You can customize the price threshold to get a certain price drop notification if the price was below the threshold!

4. Buy the Book

Ready to buy? Click the "Buy Now" button in the book detail. Enjoy your reading!

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ReadAlert is an Android and iOS-based application whose main purpose is to provide recommendations on the best deals from Amazon Kindle. You can search for Kindle book items and automatically sorted by the most significant discounts. Want to track the book you want? You can also add books to your wishlist so that you will get a notification if the book is discounted. The bottom line is you will pay less, and read more books.

Only items from the Kindle Store.

The price data that we display are automatically updated periodically. However, price fluctuations from Amazon Kindle occur constantly, so the prices that appear on our application may differ. So we recommend double-checking before purchasing a book item.

For the majority of book items that appear on the list of recommendations and categories, we update them at least once a day. But to get the most up-to-date book item, you can use the search feature.

No. You can use a guest account to browse through some of the recommendations and categories. But still, this account has some limitations compared to the registered account.

You can see detailed prices and benefits on the page https://www.ebookdealfinder.com/pricing/

You will get an unlimited wishlist quota and unlimited discount update notifications.

Our payment uses services from Google and Apple Payment. There is a variety of payment options you can choose from. Click this Google Payment method or Appstore Payment method to see the details.

Subscriptions are set to renew automatically but you can cancel at any time. After canceling, you can still enjoy premium features before your subscription expires.

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