Introducing ReadAlert, an app that helps you discover the best deals for ebooks. Never miss a bargain on popular lists like the Wall Street Journal Best Books, Goodreads Choice Awards, and more.

Crafting Solutions

We found out that finding discounted ebook list is frustrating. Because there are no specific recommendation sources that show you a group of ebooks which are on discounted prices. There is also no feature that notifies users about books if there is a discount on the book we want to buy.

So we offer a solution to provide various ebook recommendations that are directly sorted from the biggest discounts. This can help you save money because you can get the best prices at certain times. You can try the free version of our application for some limited features. But if you want to unlock all features including unlimited discount notifications for the books you want to buy, please subscribe to our application monthly or annually.

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Our Story

We are Algostudio, a small team of developers who believe that creating a solution should be fun and yet impactful. In most of our projects, we work with our clients until long after the software has been deployed.

The solutions evolve as we make sure that what we do creates an IMPACT! Algostudio is a full-service web, mobile application, and game development company established in 2012. We have wide-range of skills in technology to provide for the needs in your business.

We have worked with government agencies and multinational companies to create products that bring impacts.

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At our company, we understand the value of collaboration between our years of experience and our client's business knowledge to achieve the perfect solution. Our approach doesn't cut corners when it comes to essential aspects such as security and user experience, which are integral to our product formula. We are now feeling enthusiastic and ready to make impactful products in the near future.

Experience an all-in-one solution with a product we are proud of, ReadAlert.
Our missions are crystal clear:

Elevate your discount search of ebooks with a smooth, seamless user experience

Discover hidden ebook deals that may have gone unnoticed

Enjoy shopping for all your ebook needs - from effortless searching to convenient buying

With ReadAlert, you can satisfy your love for reading without overspending. Download today and start saving on the best ebooks!

Spend less, read more! 🎉📖

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